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Payment & Shipping


Bank of America transfer is the quickest way for us to receive funds so that your order can be shipped. Contact us to confirm we have what you desire and to obtain the information needed to make a bank transfer.

If paying by Personal Checks we must wait till check clear before birds will be shipped. Depending on your banks policy and the location of your bank this may take up to 10 tens.

For your convenience we have a PayPal account that you can also forward payment to us. The birds will be shipped once the funds clear per PayPal’s policy. The time involved for this to occur depends on what type of funds you use. There is a 5% additional charge for using this payment option. Please contact by phone to confirm that we have what you want and to obtain our email address for where to send funds. Credit Cards can be used to deposit money into a PayPal account. For information about setting up a PayPal account visit: www.PayPal.com

Shipping Carriers

Most of our finches and canaries are shipped via Delta Airlines. 


We will try to coordinate flight times with you to minimize the time the birds are in transit. Be aware that the airlines have minimal temperatures for winter and maximum temperatures during the summer. These restrictions are in place to ensure the health of the traveling bird.

Each box can hold up 25 big birds or 50 small birds. The number of birds that can be ship in one box will be determined by their size and the compatibility when shipments contained mixed species.